“Stunning reflexes”, Twitter reacts as Joe Root catches a blinder to dismiss Travis Head in Ashes 2023

Ashes 2023: Drama unfurled in the 2nd Ashes Test at the Lord’s Cricket Ground on Day 4. In a riveting turn of events, Stuart Broad claimed his second wicket of the day, using a short ball ploy against Aussie batsman, Travis Head. Broad’s precise execution and an astonishing one-handed catch by Joe Root created a scene of jubilation among the English players.

The dismissal happened in a memorable fashion. Broad, coming from ’round the wicket, directed a sharp, short ball towards Head. The Aussie batter attempted to fend off the delivery, rising awkwardly to meet the trajectory. Unfortunately, his ill-positioned attempt resulted in the ball lobbing towards the short leg.

Enter Joe Root, who moved swiftly to his left. What followed was nothing short of a cricketing spectacle. Root, in an almost superhuman display, extended one hand and made a stunning catch. His delight mirrored on the faces of his teammates. It was a moment of triumph that underscored England’s fighting spirit.

With that dismissal, Australia’s innings took a significant blow, having lost half of their side. Travis Head walked back, dismissed for a patient 7 off 166 balls. Broad’s successful ploy thus added a much-needed boost to England’s momentum in the game.

Stuart Broad Outwits Travis Head, Root Sets Record in Ashes 2023

This match wasn’t just significant for the wickets falling. Joe Root, with his spectacular catch, scripted a new chapter in English cricket history. This catch marked him as the English player with the most catches on the field in Test cricket. A landmark achievement for a player who has always led from the front.

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The game, however, is far from over. Australia, at Lunch Break on Day 4, stands at 222 runs for the loss of 5 wickets, with a substantial lead of 313 runs. The English team, inspired by Broad’s brilliance and Root’s record, is expected to charge back into the game after the break.

The proceedings of this Test match have been nothing short of gripping. The dismissal of Travis Head marked a shift in the match’s dynamics, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the day’s play. With Australia having a significant lead, England needs to maintain its aggressive approach in the post-lunch session.

So, the drama continues in the 2nd Ashes Test. Broad’s tactical brilliance and Root’s record-setting catch have added further excitement to an already thrilling match. The final sessions promise to be a fascinating contest between bat and ball as England seeks to wrestle back control. This Ashes Test is turning out to be a showcase of Test cricket at its very best.

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