“Someone who got out to me is a batting coach,” Michael Vaughan brutally trolls Wasim Jaffer after his re-appointment as Punjab Kings batting coach

Michael Vaughan, despite being a part time off spinner, had once dismissed Wasim Jaffer in a test match

Wasim Jaffer and Michael Vaughan are the two former cricketers from India and England who often indulge in Twitter banters. While both of them keep trolling each other from time to time, none of the two take offense to each other’s jokes and it all remains good fun.

Yesterday, the IPL franchise Punjab Kings, who have reshuffled their coaching staff after another poor IPL season, announced that they are bringing Wasim Jaffer back on board as the batting coach of the team. The Punjab Kings got rid of Jaffer last season for some unknown reasons, but the former Indian opener is back in his old job now.

As Michael Vaughan saw the announcement of Punjab Kings on Twitter, he decided to take a dig at his old mate Wasim Jaffer again. Vaughan quoted a tweet which was congratulating Jaffer on his re-appointment and jokingly suggested that he can’t believe a batsman, who got out to his part-time off-spin bowling, has been given the job of the batting coach of an IPL franchise.

Michael Vaughan had once cleaned up Wasim Jaffer in a test match

This story actually runs back to India’s tour to England many years back when in one of the test matches, Jaffer was opening the batting for India and he stayed at the crease for a long time. Vaughan was the captain of England at that point in time and since the pitch was deteriorating and there was a bit of rough outside the off stump of the right handers, Vaughan decided to bring himself into the attack, even though he was a part-timer.

That move of Michael Vaughan paid dividends immediately as he managed to pitch a delivery into the rough outside the off stump of Jaffer and that delivery turned so sharply after pitching in the rough that it beat the defence of Jaffer and went between his bat and pad to hit the stumps.


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