Rohit Sharma’s celebration video showing him using cuss word goes viral

The Indian cricket team, playing in Brisbane on Tuesday scripted history as they came over all the difficulties and challenges coming their way and got to a win that would be cherished by the fans and the players for a long time. Stuck in a spot of bother at the start of Day 5 of the match, it was the heroics of the wicketkeeper of the side, Rishabh Pant and Shubman Gill that got the side to a win. Captain Ajinkya Rahane and Vice-Captain Rohit Sharma were absolutely elated after the win.

The odds were stacked against the Indians when they took the field on the final day, but, what destiny had in store, for a team that no one expected to play in the fashion they did, was something that in the end delighted not only the fans but also the players.

Rishabh Pant, who emerged to be the hero for many in this game, hit the winning runs as the cheers broke out throughout the ground, among the fans and the players in the dressing room. And, it was during these cheers that the cameraperson caught Rohit Sharma, who was hugging Ajinkya Rahane out of sheer joy, voicing his joy and emotional overflow as a curse word. The video of this incident took no time to start doing rounds on the internet, where Rohit could be seen using the word in an animated celebration.

India were in a spot of bother at the start of the 5th day

At the start of the final day of the match, the first victim to fall prey to the Australian bowlers was the Indian vice-captain, Rohit Sharma. Things looked to be going well after that, as Ajinkya Rahane and Shubman Gill held on the struggle until the 48th over which saw Shubman Gill walking back after putting India in a relatively strong spot, as he scored 91 runs off 146 deliveries. And, it was not long before Rahane walked back, to the pavilion too.

From then on, it was Rishabh Pant and Cheteshwar Pujara who stole the show. They batted with determination and both the players got their 50 runs. But, for Pujara it was an early end to his stay on the crease as he was adjudged out, LBW off a Pat Cummins delivery in the 81st over. After that dismissal, Pant took charge and as wickets continued to fall around him, he held his ground and saw the Indian team through to a win, hitting the winning shot on the last ball of the 97th over of the inning.

India won the game in one of the hardest fought matches of their history, and their performance won the hearts of the fans, and it was no surprise that everyone expressed their joy as the team they live and breathe for, scripted history down under.

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