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‘I Want To Boss No. 6 And No. 7 Position Like MS Dhoni’-Riyan Parag Talks About His Goal In His Cricket Career

It might be said that Riyan Parag did not have the best IPL 2022. The batsman for the Rajasthan Royals scored just 183 runs throughout 17 matches, with only one half-century to show for his efforts. Because he batted in the bottom middle order, Parag was often required to do a lot with a limited number of balls remaining, but he does not regret having been put in that position. Parag’s goal for the foreseeable future is to improve his performance in his job. 

The RR youngster has one goal, which is to boss the No. 6 and 7 positions in the batting order and hope he can perform the role the great MS Dhoni did during his legendary India and CSK careers. He has been in the news for his cheeky tactics, a heated exchange with Harshal Patel, and the R Ashwin run-out.

“I am gaining a wealth of knowledge. Both numbers 6 and 7 are challenging. People have the misconception that all you do is come in and whack sixes, and there is no stress. However, it is not how the process works at all. I had a couple of excellent innings, but there are areas in which I might have improved. However, as I said before, there is a great deal more to learn. I am content with where I am batting in the lineup. Although I am not too pleased with my performance, I do believe that my batting position is where it should be. I want to control the sixth and seventh positions. MS Dhoni is the only player in the history of global cricket to have accomplished this feat. There is no one else who comes to mind except for him. I have high hopes of travelling along that path. I can only hope that I will be able to carry on whatever experience I have obtained and put it to good use in the next year,” Parag explained to Sports Tak.

Riyan Parag wants to win more matches for his team

Parag, who played for India in the Under-19 World Cup in 2018, has said that he does not mind having to wait for his first call-up to the India national team. The 20-year-old player is comfortable playing the waiting game since he is aware of where his career is at the moment. He believes that if he can help his club win games with meaningful performances, then opportunities will present themselves to him on their own.

“I’d want to bring home more victories for India. Although I have been victorious in one or two of my bouts, this is not enough. Only if I can help my team win six to seven matches based on my performances, will I be content with my role. If the Indian team chooses to make me a likely member of the squad, I won’t be happy about it. I don’t deserve it. In the next season, one of my goals is to help my team secure a greater number of victories, which, in turn, will inspire me to play to the best of my abilities,” said Parag.

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