Ranbir Kapoor Is The Likeliest Contender To Play Saurav Ganguly In Forthcoming Biopic

Finally, after the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni and Mohammad Azharuddin, it will be Saurav Ganguly whose biopic will be hitting the silver screens. The erstwhile Indian captain and the current board president of BCCI, Saurav Ganguly has acquiesced to the rolling of the shots.

Going by the reports, it is supposed to a big-budget movie that may encompass a sum of Rs 200 crores which can also likely expand to Rs 250 crores. Ranbir Kapoor is the likeliest contender to play the lead role after a successful biopic on Sanjay Dutt.

In an interview with News 18 Bangla, Ganguly cited, “Yes, I have agreed to the biopic. It will be in Hindi but it is not possible to reveal the name of the director now. It will take some more time for everything to be finalized.”

Currently, the script is being written for the film and it is said that the production house has already met Saurav Ganguly more than once while the talks of the movie rolling forward have already been initiated.

Ranbir Is The Favourite To Win The Role Of Saurav Ganguly

Sources also claim that the actor who will be playing Saurav Ganguly has already been finalized and Ranbir Kapoor will be the heaviest contender for the titular role while two other actors are also being considered.

Earlier Neha Dhupia suggested that Hrithik Roshan should play the role of Saurav that was comically snubbed by the former captain politely. Saurav Ganguly was heard stating, “But he’s got to get a body like me, first. A lot of people would say the way Hrithik’s body is, how good-looking he is, and how muscular he is, people would say ‘Aree, you’ll have to get a body like Hrithik’. But, Hrithik will have to get a body like me before he starts.”

Reports claim that the entire life of Saurav Ganguly will be covered in the movie. From his days as a young cricketer to his historic World Cup final appearance and that emphatic showdown in Lords, the movie will also capture the establishment of Saurav as the board president of BCCI.

Saurav Ganguly has been approached by several production houses already so that a movie can be made in his life. Even there was one offer where he had the opportunity of acting in the titular role. However, he was not interested.

This is the first time that Ganguly had admitted to saying yes to a biopic and this will be a big watch for the fans of the former Indian captain and the rest of the world who were left in awe by the God of Offside.


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