“Practising in an unstructured environment with no cameras makes a huge difference,” Virat Kohli talks about practice at Brabourne Stadium

Virat Kohli had quite a few practice sessions early in the morning at Brabourne Stadium last week

The Indian captain Virat Kohli, while he was on a break recently, was seen practising in the Brabourne Stadium of Mumbai on a day-to-day basis and today while addressing the press conference ahead of the start of the second test match against New Zealand, Kohli revealed that he really enjoyed practising in an “unstructured” environment where there were no cameras to capture his every single move while batting.

Kohli was working on his batting at the Brabourne Stadium with the current RCB head coach Sanjay Bangar who was also the batting coach of the Indian cricket team a couple of years back.

While there hasn’t been any specific weakness that has been identified in Kohli’s batting in the recent past, he has just not been able to score any hundreds since cricket has resumed post-pandemic, and it is surprising for everyone because he has not looked out of form. Kohli has scored a few half centuries with a fair bit of control and has looked set for big knocks before a lapse in concentration has caused his dismissal.

Lapse in concentration while batting has been an issue for Virat Kohli, recently

Concentration has never been an issue with Kohli in the past. He is someone who has always been very consistent in terms of converting his starts into big knocks. For him to be getting repeatedly dismissed before the three figure mark despite getting good starts is something which has frustrated the Indian fans.

Virat Kohli, being the ultimate professional that he is, has taken the note of his recent lapses himself and has been extremely good with his work ethic even when he was on a break. He was one of the first players to turn up for practice at Brabourne early in the morning with junior players, despite being the captain of the Indian cricket team.

“To practise in a place where we didn’t have a structured environment or with no cameras makes a huge difference. To maintain quality, we must consider such things,” Virat Kohli said in the press conference when asked about his practice sessions at the Brabourne Stadium.


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