“Only top 8 teams should play test cricket, playing test cricket without infrastructure isn’t possible,” former Australian captain Ian Chappell makes big statement on future of cricket

Ian Chappell was a very successful captain of Australian cricket team back in the day in the 70s

The former Australian captain Ian Chappell is not of the view that a lot of teams around the world need to play test cricket and he has suggested that test cricket should be limited to only the top 8 test nations because this format of the game requires a robust first-class system and infrastructure.

Ian Chappell, who has always been very outspoken with his views on the game, wrote in his most recent column in Cricinfo that teams like Ireland and Afghanistan have been given test match status, but it’s very tough for these teams to produce quality test match cricketers as they don’t have the first class system or infrastructure.

Chappell, in his column, also touched upon the no. of T20 leagues around the world and how quickly that number is increasing. Chappell wrote if the T20 leagues start overlapping themselves and the top T20 players around the world are not available to play in all the leagues, some of the leagues might not be financially sustainable.

Players need to have a say in future of cricket: Ian Chappell

According to Ian Chappell, whatever the future of cricket might be and it’s clearly changing, what’s most important is that the players need to have a say in it and there needs to be coordination between the players and the administrators as to how the games need to be scheduled, going ahead in future.

There are plenty of current cricketers who have raised questions over the packed schedule of cricket lately and Chappell, being a successful ex captain of Australia, has also added his voice to this debate, saying that the schedule definitely needs to be looked at and there is the need of an understanding between the cricketers and the administrators.

Chappell, who once used to be a very renowned commentator after retiring from the game, is not that active in commentary these days.


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