“One of the forgettable years for India in recent times”, A stat comes out why the year 2022 has been one to forget for the Indian team in recent times

2022 has been a horrible year for the Indian cricket team. Nothing went in their favor this year. The year started with them losing the Test and ODI series against South Africa. They then lost the fifth test against England. Very recently, they failed to qualify for the final of the Asia Cup and suffered a humiliating defeat against England in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2022. Last but not least, they have now lost an ODI match in Bangladesh. With two more matches to play before the end of the year, Indian cricket is already having one of its most disappointing years in recent memory. 

While many might argue that this is caused solely by the Indian Premier League, it is actually the callousness of the BCCI and Indian selectors that has led to this situation. We do not take the International Series seriously anymore. Team India plays in at least one ICC tournament each year, and apart from that, they take part in a number of series. In all these series, we get to see a whole different set of players, but in the ICC tournaments, India only picks its elite players. Suppose the team plays 50 matches in a year, and 20 of them are in ICC tournaments. If we experiment with our lineups in the remaining 30 matches and then use the known faces in the ICC tournaments, then what is the need for experimenting to begin with? Firstly, it decreases the team chemistry of our main players, and secondly, it is just a waste of resources and time. 

Now that the BCCI has finally decided to replace the selection committee, there is some positivity. We hope that the new committee does not continue these same mistakes, as the 2023 ODI World Cup is knocking at our doors and we cannot take any risk whatsoever. 

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