“Must’ve warned him” – Adam Zampa tries to run out Tom Rodgers in BBL but adjudged not out by third umpire

The on-field battle between a non-striker and a bowler always gets interesting especially when the batsman (non-striker) tends to back up too far from the crease.

When the bowler sees it, he has every right to warn the batsman in the first place. On the other hand, we have also seen bowlers mankading the non-strikesr even without any prior warning.

Mankading is a legal dismissal and it is acceptable in the sport because it is well within the rules of the game. Over the decades, batters have often backed up too far from the crease and thus got an unfair advantage.

On the other side of the coin, the least that the bowlers expect from the batters is to remain in the crease till the point of release such that the game is played in the right spirit.

Adam Zampa tries to run out Tom Rodgers in BBL but is adjudged not out by the third umpire

During the 27th game between Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades, Adam Zampa tried to run out Tom Rodgers at the non-striker’s end but was adjudged not out by the third umpire.

While Adam Zampa thought that it was out in the first place, the third umpire didn’t think so. As a result, Tom Rodgers was adjudged not out. Adam Zampa couldn’t believe himself after the third umpire ruled it “not out”.

Tom Rodgers clearly took advantage as he was already seen backing up even before Adam Zampa arrived at his crease to bowl the delivery. However, Zampa realized that Rodgers was backing up too far.

This is precisely the reason why Zampa decided to whip bails off at the non-striker’s end. Tom Rodgers left the crease even before Adam Zampa reached his normal release point and irrespective of whether he completed his bowling action or not, Rodgers is surely out.

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