“MS Dhoni is like Shahrukh Khan, his wit is sharper than his stumping,” Robin Uthappa reveals former Indian captain has a great sense of humor off the field

Robin Uthappa and MS Dhoni have played cricket with each other for more than 15 years now

Robin Uthappa, who has played a lot of cricket with MS Dhoni and is one of his good friends, has said that people generally think that Dhoni is a quiet person and doesn’t speak much, but he is a very witty person and his wit is actually sharper than the speed with which he takes the bails off behind the stumps.

According to Robin Uthappa, who was speaking on a cricket podcast named Cricchat, Dhoni, because of his wit, keeps people in a good frame of mind off the field and it’s one of the reasons why people love to spend time with him whenever he is a part of any team.

Uthappa said that he has seen that kind of quality in very few people. Dhoni, in that sense, is a bit like Shahrukh Khan because Shahrukh is also a very witty guy and whenever he is around, there is never a dull moment because of his wit and charm.

Showering praise on Dhoni further, Robin Uthappa said that apart from being a witty person, Dhoni is a person who can be trusted with anything and people can share anything to him, but at times, because of his nature of not breaking anyone’s trust, people have also taken advantage of Dhoni.

ODI World Cup 2007 was the first major tournament where Robin Uthappa and Dhoni played together

Uthappa and Dhoni played together in a major tournament for the first time in the ODI World Cup of 2007. While that tournament didn’t go well for India, only a few months later, India played another World Cup, this time in the T20 format and under the captaincy of Dhoni, which they ended up winning and Uthappa made some key contributions in that with the bat.

The most recent trophy that Robin Uthappa and Dhoni won together was IPL 2021, where Uthappa played two back-to-back match-winning knocks for CSK in qualifier 1 and the final.


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