Lord’s Social Media Handle Revealed Their Day-Five Lunch Menu For Players

Lord’s lunch menu: Ever since we were kids, we always used to wonder that what exactly goes on around the lunch table when players take a 45-minute breather to get themselves refreshed.

Also, another important question for the ones who haven’t played cricket at an international level or even at a domestic level, what exactly is served during the lunch that keep the players fit and raring for the next session of the play in such sweltering heat?

Lord’s cricket ground has just answered one of the mysterious questions always echoing in the ears of cricket aficionados that what goes on the platter of the cricketers to assuage their hunger and also keep them in the game.

On the third day of the second Test match that saw India chronicling a remarkable victory against England, the lunch menu was special. We will quickly take a look at the menu that was uploaded in the Instagram story as well as in their official Twitter handle.

Lord’s lunch menu for day five:

The lunch began with pan-roasted Corn Fed Chicken Supreme that was defined as Risoni pasta splattered with braised chicken thigh, peppered with wild mushrooms, kale, peas, broad beans and Madeira sauce.

What followed next was under the header of Seared sea brass, and it had Singapore noodles in it, brimming with wild mushrooms and Bok Choy.

Players who resorted to vegetable dishes had the delicacies of Paneer tikka and a seven vegetable curry in their menu course.

Another category of hot accompaniments followed, and it comprised herb-roasted new potatoes, basmati rice, steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

Then followed another glittering dish of prawns dipped in Marie Rose Sauce. Greenery is a mandate for the players and hence salads will always play a major role. There were figs, rockets, asparagus and capers with truffle and Parmesan dressing.

For dessert, the players had a bit of almond and apricot tart followed by sunshine fruit salad to cap off the wonder.

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