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“Life me toh bass ek hi constant chahiye…”, an open letter to Rinku Singh from a heartbroken KKR fan

Rinku Singh delivers another masterclass but fails to take KKR home

Dear Rinku Singh,

I wish I would have been writing this epistle to you in the heartiest of my moods. I wish that I would have been writing this letter to you with all my happiness deluging it. I wish that I would have been filling this missive with all those glory words that I had a handful of evenings ago.

Unfortunately, I don’t. Unfortunately, KKR didn’t win today. Unfortunately, you were not being embraced so tightly by Chandrakant sir either. A lot of unfortunates, a lot of love lost and most importantly 2 points gifted away.

I am writing this letter still to tell you a few things. Things that a warrior must know, things that the soul who refuses to give up even at gunpoint, knowing that there is no saving coming for him, must know, things that one who offers hope even in the deepest depths of despair must know.

Rinks, we as KKR fans are sorry that we have failed you. We have failed to provide you that support that could have helped you win us matches day in day out. What an incredible tournament you have had, what an incredible 2023 you are savouring and this isn’t just a mere extension of what you used to be in 2022 but this is a different character altogether.

This is a name that knows no bounds, this is name that knows no limits. You are that soul, who irrespective of any support whatsoever, would walk out to the center, battling with your battered shield and a broken sword and yet you would take all those pricky little bullets razing at you light’s speed head on.

You would not complain, you would not say what went wrong. You will only endure whatever life throws at you, may it lemons or those rocks that feels like a boulder on a head, you would make a lemonade or a Dwayne Johnson out of it.

No matter whether those big names that are being paid a boatload of money ahead of you to deliver handsomely keep on failing, you would still fight for a warrior must do what needs to be done. And that is why, we salute you.

You may not have won us this game but what you pulled off today again was nothing short of a cracker. All those hits, all those pulsating hearts till that final over, all those hopes that simply refused to snuff out, you were the one who gave us that. Thank you Rinks and we are sorry too. Maybe Lady Luck chose to side with the Orange Army tonight but we know that you will be back again and so will be us.

The muscle, the mystery and what not may keep on failing but that one Rinku Singh is the constant. Life me toh bass ek hi constant chahiye, aur woh tum ho Rinku.

Yours sincerely,

A heartbroken KKR fan

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