Kevin Pietersen reveals the reason behind calling Yuvraj Singh a ‘Pie Chucker’

There have been several rivalries taking place on the cricket field now and then. The players often exchange words in the heat of the moment. Yuvraj Singh has also been involved in a few such controversies as well.

Be it the famous incident with Andrew Flintoff in the inaugural T20 World Cup or his comments on Yuzvendra Chahal that led to his arrest as well. Another such incident took place in 2008 when Kevin Pietersen called him ‘Pie Chucker’. Yuvraj didn’t hold himself back either as he said that he will deliver the pies again to the Englishman.

However, Pietersen has now disclosed the reason behind calling Yuvi a ‘pie chucker’. He admitted that he was frustrated by Yuvi’s left-arm bowling as he (Yuvraj) knocked him over a couple of times.

“Playing against Yuvraj Singh was always an issue. Left-arm spin was always an issue. But when Yuvraj came on I thought this is the opportunity to score. Then he started knocking me over. Then I started to get a bit frustrated but my favourite shot against Yuvraj was the forward defensive block. That defensive shot, you can get past this pie-chucker” Kevin said.

The Englishman also said that his comments were nothing but nonsense and rubbish.

“I called Yuvraj a pie-chucker purely based on the fact that he knocked me over a couple of times and I didn’t want to tell the rest of the world that he was any good. It was that rubbish provider you play with. You think I am bigger than the other player and try and force yourself on the opposition and he comes back at you,” he added.

The former England captain further exclaimed that he and Yuvraj Singh are good friends and he loves watching Yuvi bat. While signing off, he said that the whole ‘Pie Chucker’ incident was fun and it is fun now too.

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