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Kevin Pietersen Names The Greatest Six-Hitter, Best Spinner And Death Bowler In T20 History

Former England cricket team captain Kevin Pietersen recently picked the greatest six-hitter, the best spinner and the ultimate death bowler in the history of the shortest format of the game. T20 cricket has evolved a lot in the last few years, and now it is the one of the most popular formats of cricket. Courtesy of the Indian Premier League, T20 cricket’s popularity has sky-rocketed.

When the T20 cricket tournaments began, fans felt that it will be unfair on the bowlers because the batters will look to hit the ball hard right from the first ball. Since the number of overs are less, they will try to take more risks and play attacking cricket.

The most important skills in T20 cricket are six-hitting for a batter. If a batter can hit sixes, then he can dominate the T20 tournaments. For bowlers, two of the best skills are spin and death-bowling. With mystery spin, bowlers can confuse the batters and keep a check on the run flow.

In the death overs, batters tend to take more risks than the powerplay overs. So again if the bowler does not have variations or skills, he is unlikely to succeed.

His pick-up over mid-on, just the flat-bat smack, it’s so dismissive: Kevin Pietersen feels Chris Gayle is the best six-hitter

Giving his views to a popular website, Kevin Pietersen said that Chris Gayle is the best six-hitter, Sunil Narine is the best T20 spinner, while Lasith Malinga rules everyone when it comes to bowling the death overs.

“His pick-up over mid-on, just the flat-bat smack, it’s so dismissive,” Pietersen said about Chris Gayle. “Sunil Narine because of his variations,” he added. “I had no idea which way it was going. “And Malinga was as good as it gets when it comes to death bowling,” he concluded. 

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