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Kevin Pietersen comes up with the idea of an annual India Vs Pakistan series

Currently India Vs Pakistan games take place only in ICC events

Kevin Pietersen has come up with a very interesting suggestion that India and Pakistan should play a 3-match T20 international series every year, and it should have a lot of contexts attached to it.

As per Pietersen, since no game in the world grabs more eyeballs than an India Vs Pakistan encounter, it only makes sense that an event involving these two teams should be organised every year.

Pietersen wants a huge financial reward for winning team in an annual India Vs Pakistan series

Kevin Pietersen thinks that a prize money of 15 million dollars should be at stake for this annual India Vs Pakistan T20I series, which will not only add a rivalry context to the series but will add a financial context too.

Pietersen is of the opinion that attaching such huge prize money to such a short series won’t be a problem because there will be a lot of broadcasters and sponsors who will line up to buy the rights of the series and a lot of money will be pumped in.

The commercial side of sports is all about viewership. That’s what raises the commercial valuation of any cricketing event and since the viewership of an India Vs Pakistan match is higher than any other cricketing event in the world, it can have huge prize money attached to it, if it becomes an annual event.

Pietersen, who was in the UAE for the group stage of the second leg of the IPL, is not commentating in the T20 World Cup, but he kept a keen eye on the India Vs Pakistan game.

Not only Pietersen, but the former players of almost all countries were glued to this game and the game actually saw viewership of over a billion spectators, which is a humongous figure.

At the end of this World Cup encounter which Pakistan won by 10 wickets, Pietersen tweeted about his idea of an annual India-Pakistan cricketing event.



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