Kate Cross Explains The Massive Social Media Following Of Indian Woman Cricketers With A Personal Example

Kate Cross is R Ashwin‘s latest guest on his YouTube channel. The Indian off-spinner interviewed the English player and the duo talked on multiple topics. Kate Cross also expressed her amazement at the social media following of Indian woman cricketers. She even cited a personal example to back her observation.

R Ashwin and Kate Cross talk on a multitude of topics

Ravichandran Ashwin spreads the talk on women’s cricket, whenever possible. This time around, he had Kate Cross aboard, to do an interview for him. The duo exchanged a lot of opinions touching on a variety of subjects.

Kate talked about her experience playing in the Hundred and how the tournament could change the perception of women’s cricket. The English player is one of the well-known followers of CSK and Ash ensured that she was asked a few questions about it. Kate revealed the exact reason why she started supporting CSK and also opined that a women’s IPL would lift the game. Finally, R Ashwin also managed to teach a few Tamil words to the player.

Kate Cross explains the massive social media following of Indian Woman cricketers

When Ashwin asked about the globetrotting of Indian cricketers, Kate Cross admitted that it will help improve the players. She even said that many admire players like Smriti Mandhana and want these players to play as often as possible. The bowler took the example of Jemimah Rodrigues and said that she set the tournament on fire.

Apart from the crowds that come to support Indian cricketers, Kate also touched upon the massive social media following that these girls enjoy. She admitted that whenever Harmanpreet Kaur tagged her on any of her social media platforms, her follower count would increase by 1000 or so. Kate said that such a following is ‘crazy’. Both Harmanpreet and Kate represented Manchester Originals in the recently completed ‘Hundred’ competition.

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