“Imagine skipping IPL to get dropped from the Ashes”, Twitter reacts as Australia drop Mitchell Starc from the XI of the 1st test of Ashes 2023

Ashes 2023: Australian cricket’s decision to drop Mitchell Starc for the first Ashes Test has raised eyebrows. In his place, Josh Hazlewood takes the mantle. Following an injury, Hazlewood’s inclusion in the XI is a significant development.

This particular Ashes series is perhaps the most anticipated in recent times. England, led by Ben Stokes, will face a stern test. They are introducing a brand-new style of Test cricket, intriguingly named “Bazball.” Their opponents are the formidable, newly-crowned World Test Championship winners, Australia.

The first match of this five-test series will take place at the iconic Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham. A true cricketing spectacle, the series promises to captivate the world of cricket over the ensuing six weeks. Australia, eager to begin their title-defense campaign on a high note, has set their sights on victory.

Interestingly, Australia has not won an Ashes series on English soil in two decades. They are thus seeking to end this long-standing drought. Winning at Edgbaston, a ground known for its passionate home support, would mark a sensational start to their campaign.

On the other side, England is vying to reclaim the famous Ashes urn. The last time the English side held the Ashes was in 2015. Their aim is to rewrite the history books and usher in a new era of English dominance in the sport.

Josh Hazlewood’s return adds an intriguing dynamic to the series. Known for his disciplined line and length, Hazlewood will bolster Australia’s bowling attack. His inclusion could potentially offset the loss of Starc, despite the latter’s reputation as a wicket-taker.

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Australia drop Mitchell Starc from the XI of the 1st test of Ashes 2023

Meanwhile, Ben Stokes will be leading England with a fresh approach. Stokes is a formidable leader, known for his competitive spirit and aggressive strategy. With their new style of cricket, “Bazball”, England seeks to shake up traditional Test match play.

However, the effectiveness of Bazball remains to be seen against an experienced side like Australia. If successful, it could revolutionize the way Test cricket is played, making this Ashes series even more exciting.

Undoubtedly, this Ashes series is packed with fascinating narratives. From Australia’s quest to end their drought in England to England’s ambitious Bazball strategy, it promises to be a riveting contest. All eyes will be on Edgbaston as the first ball of the series is bowled.

In conclusion, the stage is set for one of the most eagerly awaited Ashes series in recent history. The contest will not only be a battle for the iconic Ashes urn but also a contest between tradition and innovation. Only time will reveal whether Australia can make a stunning start to their title defense, or if England’s new approach can reclaim the prestigious urn.

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