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ICC announces prize money for T20 World Cup 2021

The winners and runners up of the T20 World Cup will be getting decent amount of money

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the prize money that the teams will be getting in the upcoming T20 World Cup depending on the position they will finish in the tournament. The prize money that has been announced for the winners of the tournament is 1.6 million US Dollars, which roughly equate to 12 Crore Indian Rupees.

The team finishing as the runners-up will be getting exactly half the amount that the winners will be getting, which is 800 thousand US Dollars. While the two teams which get knocked out in the semi-final round will get half the amount that the runners-up will be getting, which is 400 thousand US Dollars.

Apart from that, teams will get some amount for winning every game in super 12 and every game in the first round as well, but those amounts will be relatively significantly smaller in number as compared to the amounts which will be given to the teams reaching the semi-finals and the final.

There is going to be mid-innings drinks break in the T20 World Cup this time around

ICC, meanwhile, has also announced that in this edition of the T20 World Cup, there is going to be a drinks break of two and a half minutes in the middle of every innings at the 10th over mark. This is the first time that ICC is going to do something like that in a T20 World Cup because in the earlier editions of the tournament, the whole innings of 20 overs used to be played in one flow without any drinks break.

Drinks break at the 10th over mark will be pretty much similar to the strategic time out that the BCCI has been using in the IPL games. However, the only difference is that in IPL games, there are two strategic time outs every innings, while in the T20 World Cup, there will only be one drinks break per innings.


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