“I Love You Boys” KKR Coach Expressed His Affection Towards The Whole Team

‘Brendon McCullum’ the quitting KKR Head coach gave his ending commemoration to the staff, management and the whole team players after Kolkata finished the season on a losing note against LSG. Brendon McCullum who has been with the team since the last 3 years and took the side into the finals of IPL 2021, as his peak achievement for the Knight Riders. He is going to join the new dressing room of England Men’s Test side as the designator of Head Coach.

The CEO Venky Mysore was the guy who has alone decided to bring in Brendon McCullum as the head coach after the departure of Protean in IPL 2018. There were many detractors and acknowledges of the coaching style which this Kiwi legend brought to the table in 3 years, but ultimately his voyage with KKR was over on Wednesday and he outpoured with emotions in his last speech.

Firstly he thanked CEO Venky Mysore for backing hima always, he said, “Venky a big thank you to you. Three years ago, he took a chance on me as a coach. Since then, it’s been a pretty steep learning curve and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Even the tough times have been pretty big learning curves”.

Later he gave an emotional hug of words to all KKR athletes by uttering, “I love you boys. I know the seasons don’t always pan out how you want them to pan out. But I loved the effort that all of you guys put in. My style of coaching is not necessarily about cricket, it’s about life and it’s about relationships and giving you guys confidence. I feel like you guys have trusted me to be able to help you out”.

At the end he concluded with, “Whatever happens, my number is here as well. So feel free to give me a call at any stage. I will keep following all your careers and certainly the franchise”.



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