“I love Ravindra Jadeja,” Kapil Dev showers praise on India’s premier allrounder for his recent performances

Kapil Dev thinks Ravindra Jadeja plays without any unnecessary pressure

The former Indian World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev has showered praise on the premier Indian allrounder Ravindra Jadeja for his recent performances with both bat and ball in all formats of the game. According to Kapil Dev, Jadeja is one of the players who never really let the pressure get better of him.

Kapil, who remains the only Indian fast bowler till date to grab more than 400 wickets in test cricket, is of the view that international cricket is a lot about handling pressure. Whoever gets affected by the pressure of the expectations can’t perform well.

The players who excel in international cricket over a long period of time have this ability to detach themselves from the pressure of expectations. They just try and execute their skills to the best of their abilities and when a player does that without pressure, he has more chances of succeeding.

Kapil Dev was in Bengaluru yesterday to take part in an event where he addressed the press and answered some of their questions. When he was asked which player, among the new Indian players, impresses him the most, Kapil named Ravindra Jadeja.

Kapil Dev seemed very impressed with the new version of Jadeja

Even though Ravindra Jadeja is not quite a new player as he made his international debut in 2009 itself, the Indian fans are now getting to see a new version of Jadeja as he has improved his batting significantly in the last couple of years.

Jadeja’s batting, in the recent times, has improved to an extent where he is not just a specialist bowler for India anymore. The Indian team management now views Jadeja as a specialist batsman as well, across all formats.

When Kapil Dev referred to Jadeja as one of the new players, he was probably referring to the second version of Jadeja, who is now a genuine allrounder and is one of the best allrounders in the world.


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