“I hope biggest cricketing nation comes to South Africa,” Farhaan Behardien urges BCCI to not cancel the tour

Farhaan Behardien is currently not a part of the South African squad in any format of the game

The South African batsman Farhaan Behardien is hoping that the new variant of COVID-19, which has recently been identified by the South African scientists and which has already resulted in the postponement of the Netherlands tour to South Africa, doesn’t affect the upcoming tour of the Indian cricket team.

The game of cricket seemed to be moving on smoothly in recent times with COVID waves declining all over the world, but with this new variant emerging now and the World Health Organization (WHO) terming it as a variant of concern, it might affect cricketing schedules again, particularly in the African region where most of the cases of the new variant have been found till now.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is one of those cricket boards which have suffered a lot because of COVID in the last couple of years. Australia cancelled their tour to South Africa and then England left their tour midway through because of some of the cases that were found in the South African camp and then in the England

camp as well.

Farhaan Behardien wants India to tour South Africa for the next generation of South African cricketers

Indian cricket team touring South Africa is going to be one of the biggest events for South African cricket as it will earn the cricket board a lot of revenue which can be redirected to the grassroot levels for the betterment of age group South African cricketers.

In his tweet, Farhaan Behardien talked about the impact of India’s tour as he said it’s extremely vital for the next generation of South African cricketers that India doesn’t cancel the tour. A cancellation of India’s tour will have financial repercussions for Cricket South Africa (CSA) which won’t be good for the grassroot system in the country.

Farhaan Behardien, who is 38 years of age now, has not played international cricket for quite some time now, but he is still active in the game and available for selection in the South African team. The last international match that Behardien played was in November 2018 against Australia.


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