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“His Absence Will Be A Problem For CSK” : Aakash Chopra Alarmed CSK’s Management Over Their Rift With Ravindra Jadeja

  The high voltage drama between Ravindra Jadeja and CSK’s top brass has created a tide of instability in the side. The measured potent of Jadeja’s leadership failure was also a cause behind it, but this issue brought out a big communication gap in the team. This 15th edition of the Indian Premier League would be the most spoiled season for the Chennai Super Kings so far in history. And the lack of on-field maneuvering from southpaw Jadeja is the cosmic reason behind this catastrophe.

“His absence is a problem” – Aakash Chopra

 The heat between Ravindra Jadeja and the team management aces has firstly splashed out when the CSK’s official Twitter handle got disconnected from Ravindra Jadeja’s account. In the bargain with it, the mid-way leadership snatching from Jadeja’s hand is also an indication of the strong rift going inside. Thus after getting off from the tournament, Chennai has come back to their old custodian MS Dhoni for the leftover games. But, this has clearly enlightened the game of tug of war played on the side which resulted in the ousting of Jadeja from this season of IPL.  This is why the experts like ‘Aakash Chopra‘ are alarmed about the permanent relinquishment and damage that Jadeja’s absence will create for Super Kings. 

  On his YouTube channel, Chopra has said,” For Chennai, I had said that Jadeja won’t play the match and I have a feeling he might not be there next year too. This happens a lot in the CSK camp that there is no clarity on injuries and then a player doesn’t play. I remember it was in 2021 that Suresh Raina played till a point and after that things came to an end, That’s it.”

 “So, I don’t know what is the case with Jaddu (Jadeja), but his absence will be a problem for CSK,” Chopra concluded in his video.


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