“He left Sharjah and Australia in ruins”, Twitter remembers Sachin Tendulkar’s desert storm

On this day in 1998 Sachin Tendulkar took Sharjah by a storm of his own

Twenty five years ago, a certain Sachin Tendulkar’s desert storm blew Australia away and yet until this day, the legacy lives on and burns brighter than ever. It was a coming of age innings from the Master Blaster that left Australia in a lot of agony.

A young batter who was already making all the right noises for his team during his stay in the center, Sachin Tendulkar, he chose to face the boogeymen of world cricket, Australia and took them to the cleaners albeit finishing on the losing side.

This is how Sachin Tendulkar’s desert storm left Australia in shambles

It was April 22nd 1998, the Coca Cola Cup where India was taking on Australia at the Sharjah. Batting first, India got off to a seraphic start as they got the better of Adam Gilchrist through Harvinder Singh.

However, Mark Waugh and Ricky Ponting stabilized the ship only to cop a couple of hits in the form of Damien Martyn and the two set batters. However, a well-constructed century from Michael Bevan saw off the Indian bowlers as they piled up 284 on the scoreboard.

India was asked to chase down 285 and had an early trouble as they lost Sourav Ganguly. However, Nayan Mongia started playing anchor to some premium carnage of Sachin Tendulkar who had zero regards for caution. Albeit wickets falling continuously at the other end, Sachin carried on.

Soaring through the mazes of Damien Fleming, Michael Kasprowicz, Shane Warne and Tom Moody, Sachin kept on hacking away at the Aussie bowlers and there was no relent for the bowlers whatsoever.

Twitter remembers Sachin Tendulkar’s desert storm against Australia

Despite India falling short of the revised target, Sachin ensured that he hung around emphatically in the middle to bash the Aussie bowlers with some rampant form.

Twitter still smiles gleefully to the uncensored smashing of the bowlers that arrived from the willow of Sachin Tendulkar as even the emperor of leg-spin, Shane Warne was a mere onlooker to the rampant carnage.

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