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“He doesn’t need any cheeky shots, he should bat normally,” Virender Sehwag advises Shubman Gill to play his own game

Shubman Gill has been stating recently that he has added some cheeky shots to his repertoire

The former Indian opener Virender Sehwag doesn’t think that Shubman Gill needs to change his playing style too much to succeed in T20 cricket. Sehwag is of the view that Gill should continue playing normal and conventional cricket even in the shortest format of the game.

According to Sehwag, who was analysing the game between Lucknow Supergiants and Gujarat Titans on Cricbuzz, he heard a few statements from Shubman Gill before the start of this IPL that he has learnt some cheeky shots and he would try and execute them in T20 cricket.

But, Sehwag disgarees that Gill needs to add cheeky shots to his repertoire at all, even though he might not be a power hitter of the ball. Sehwag used the examples of Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir and himself, all of whom succeeded in the IPL, and Sehwag insisted that none of them played any cheeky shots.

Shubman Gill has coped criticism because of his strike rate

The strike rate of Shubman Gill hasn’t been very high in T20 cricket so far and he has had to cope a bit of criticism for that, which is perhaps the reason why he has been talking about adding the cheeky shots to his repertoire. Yesterday in the game against Lucknow Supergiants, Gill tried to play an attacking shot off the third ball itself and got caught inside the circle as the ball ballooned in the air off a top edge

If Gill has to take Sehwag’s advice, he should focus on his own style and enhance it, rather than trying to change and adopt a different style. Sehwag reckons Gill needs to find a balance and rhythm through his innings. What happens with him at times is that he either tries and go too fast through the gears or he goes into his shell.

Sehwag insists that Gill should find a balance and go through the gears fluidly, which he can do with his own style by playing normal cricket because he is a good strokemaker and has got range. Sehwag, however, admitted that Gill might turn out to be a better ODI player than a T20I player.


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