‘He (Arshdeep) is a confident man and that’s why he is here’-Rohit Sharma heaps praise on Arshdeep Singh after the T20I against Sri Lanka

Arshdeep Singh, who is a left-arm seamer, has made quite an impression on Team India skipper Rohit Sharma, even though India has been eliminated from the Asia Cup after losing two games in a row. The boy has done an excellent job up to this point of displaying his abilities, particularly in the end.

In the last over of each of India’s matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the team had a total of only seven runs to defend. However, Arshdeep unleashed a barrage of yorkers along with a few change-ups and came close to winning both games for India.

What did Rohit Sharma say about Arshdeep Singh?

The following is what Rohit Sharma had to say regarding Arshdeep Singh’s increasing confidence while he was speaking to the media after India’s defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka:

“He (Arshdeep) is a confident man and that’s why he is here, ahead of a lot of others who are back home. He has a crystal clear understanding in his head and exudes self-assurance as a young man. There aren’t too many individuals like that when they’re first starting off with India, at least not that I’ve seen.”

Sharma then continued by saying: “He is ravenous for the accomplishments of the squad. As captain, and even Rahul Bhai, the coach, would tell you how pleased we are with the way that he handles his game, we are very delighted with the way that he plays.”

On September 4, 2022, many people took to social media to criticize Arshdeep Singh after he missed an absolute sitter that would have made it easier for India to win against Pakistan. After the Men in Blue suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of their bitter rivals, many of the team’s supporters took to social media to express their contempt for the team’s youngest player.

However, Rohit Sharma and his teammates have come out in support of Arshdeep and have shown their confidence in the youngster. After a catch was missed during the match between India and Pakistan, the Indian captain explained how the left-armer was even more determined to bowl the last over of the match.

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