“Can pick 20 wickets anywhere in the world,” Sachin Tendulkar in awe of India’s bowling unit

Indian bowlers are winning India test matches overseas quite regularly now

Sachin Tendulkar reckons India has now got a bowling attack that can take 20 wickets in test match cricket anywhere in the world. Tendulkar showered praise on the Indian bowling unit yesterday while congratulating India for another historical test match victory, this time in Centurion.

While India has always had a couple of quality bowlers in every era, their attack has never been as all-rounded as it is now. India now has got spinners who can clean up any batting lineup at home, but to go with it, they have also got hit the deck bowlers to exploit the bouncy conditions and the seam bowlers to exploit conditions that offer movement off the deck.

Mohammed Siraj’s inclusion in the Indian attack has made it even more potent because he is not just someone who moves the ball all day even in unresponsive conditions, he also bowls long spells and keeps the batsmen in check when there is nothing much happening in the game from a bowling point of view and there is a danger of the batting side running away with the game.

Sachin Tendulkar played in an era where the Indian bowling attack lacked penetration

Whenever India travelled abroad in the past, they had a quality fast bowler or two spearheading the attack, but the first and the second change bowlers often used to release the pressure created with the new ball and India never had a period of sustained domination.

However, now the first and the second change bowlers are almost as good as the bowlers who are using the new ball, and it’s the sustenance of pressure, right through with the ball, which is making all the difference.

Sachin Tendulkar himself played in an era where India, despite putting on quality performances with the bat, used to lose test matches overseas because of lack of depth with the ball. The master blaster is now enjoying the fact that the Indian bowlers are winning India the game with the ball in overseas conditions, which didn’t happen often enough during his playing days.


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