Ashes 2023: “Wouldn’t be saying anything apart..”, Nasser Hussain discloses the advice to Ollie Robinson amid all the media noises

Ashes 2023: Nasser Hussain, former England captain and renowned commentator, recently commented on Ollie Robinson’s Ashes performance. The young pacer found himself in the spotlight after his aggressive send-off to Usman Khawaja in the Edgbaston Test. Robinson, despite securing five wickets, faced substantial criticism for his fiery celebration.

Interestingly, Robinson defended his actions by drawing parallels with former Australian captain Ricky Ponting. However, this comparison proved to be a misstep, according to Hussain. Speaking on the ICC Review, Hussain argued that Robinson’s only error was dragging Ponting’s name into the matter.

The cricketing world is no stranger to heated confrontations during the Ashes series. Hussain acknowledged that several Australian players have been known for their own share of send-offs. He particularly found amusement in the back-and-forth exchanges stemming from Robinson’s mention of Ponting.

Interestingly, Ponting was working with Hussain’s team at Sky Sports during this incident. The ensuing drama led to an explosion of activity in their WhatsApp group, specifically regarding Robinson’s Ponting reference. Hussain admitted the humor in the situation but maintained that Robinson’s judgement error remained a point of concern.

Hussain believes that Robinson needs to put this incident behind him and focus on the remaining Ashes matches. He suggested that the pacer should concentrate on his on-field performance, essentially shutting out external noise.

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Navigating the Ashes 2023: Nasser Hussain’s Advice for Ollie Robinson

Hussain’s advice to the England captain would be to let Robinson showcase his bowling skills. Rather than dwell on the past incident, Hussain would encourage the England team to move forward. However, he also hinted at a possible interaction with the media person responsible for managing players’ public communications.

Interestingly, Hussain pointed out that modern-day cricket comes with multiple media outlets. Any statement made by a cricketer gets magnified on various platforms, especially on social media. Hence, he advises that Robinson be kept away from press interactions for the next few Ashes games.

Hussain wants to ensure that Robinson’s on-field performance becomes the focal point, not his off-field remarks. The former England captain doesn’t want to hear more about Robinson’s off-field activities. Instead, he is more interested in witnessing how Robinson performs in the upcoming Ashes matches.

Hussain’s observations on Robinson’s Ashes saga underline the importance of on-field performance. Despite the media storm, the primary objective remains the same – showcasing exceptional cricket skills. For Robinson, Hussain’s advice boils down to one key point: focus on the cricket and let your performance do the talking.

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