Ashes 2023: “I would actually tell him to go and watch..”, Ricky Ponting comes up with an absolute gold advice for Marnus Labuschagne

Ashes 2023: Ricky Ponting, the illustrious former Australian cricket captain, recently turned mentor for his fellow countrymen, Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head. Despite Australia’s victory in the first Ashes Test, both players struggled to deliver their best. Consequently, Ponting has decided to offer some sage advice to help the pair regain their form.

Labuschagne, with his impressive Test career over the past five years, was a significant talking point. Although his Test performances have been commendable, most of his success remains confined to home turf. His record overseas is markedly less impressive, particularly reflected in his solitary century scored outside Australia.

Ponting’s pedigree in Test cricket is undeniable. His place as the second-highest run-scorer in Test history, second only to Sachin Tendulkar, stands as a testament to his prowess. His impressive record in England, with four Ashes centuries and an average of 41.79, lends weight to his advice.

Despite his accolades, Ponting was mindful of his position. He clarified that he would only provide advice if asked, highlighting his role as an analyst and former player, not a coach. He expressed his willingness to converse with Labuschagne about his batting and shared his observations about the player’s recent performances.

According to Ponting, Labuschagne seemed to be complicating things unnecessarily. He urged Labuschagne to revert to the faith and trust that cemented his position as the world’s No.2-ranked Test batsman. Ponting believes that reverting to the basics that have previously proven successful can be the key to Labuschagne’s recovery.

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Ashes 2023: Ricky Ponting has a piece of advice for Marnus Labuschagne amid his struggling form

Interestingly, Ponting’s advice wasn’t merely verbal. He encouraged Labuschagne to revisit footage from his best performances, remember what worked, and replicate that success. By revisiting past glories, Labuschagne could potentially recapture the form that made him a formidable batsman.

In contrast, Travis Head’s struggles might require different solutions. As with Labuschagne, Ponting believes that a return to basics could be beneficial. However, Head might also need to focus on his technical skills and match temperament to regain his top form.

Ponting’s advice reflects his vast experience and understanding of cricket. His words carry the weight of years of successful performances and, most importantly, adaptability. His advice encourages a return to what has worked before, backed up by self-belief and commitment.

Ricky Ponting’s advice could prove to be a game-changer for Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head. His suggestions are steeped in the wisdom of a cricketing legend who has tasted success both at home and abroad. As the Ashes series continues, fans and critics alike will watch eagerly to see if Ponting’s advice helps these players rediscover their form.

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