“Maybe build the roof a bit higher” – Adam Zampa calls for rule change in the Big Bash League

Cricket has a spectrum of rules and regulations and the players who are involved in the sport abide by the norms such that the game is played in the right spirit.

At times, the sport itself faced flak for Mankading dismissals, even though it is a legal way of getting the batsman out at the non-striker’s end.

Nowadays, Mankading dismissals have often been the talking point and it truly makes sense as well. When a bowler is adjudged ‘no-ball’ when his foot is not behind the crease, then a non-striker should stick to the basic rule of staying at the crease until the bowler’s release point.

Adam Zampa calls for a rule change in the Big Bash League

Meanwhile, Australian international, Adam Zampa has now called for a rule change in the ongoing edition of Australia’s premier T20 competition, KFC Big Bash League.

The leg-spinner who recently hogged the limelight after he attempted to run out Tom Rodgers at the non-striker’s end in the ongoing BBL suggested a backyard cricket-like rule change which might as well assist the league’s latest quandary.

Adam Zampa is not in favour of the existing rule that hitting the ball right into the Marvel Stadium roof rewards six runs to the batsman. Instead of this rule, Adam Zampa himself came up with a better rule that sounds good.


The spinner further added that the batter should be adjudged out had the fielder caught the ball with one hand provided he hit the stadium’s roof. To be precise, it would be called one-hand bounce, which is a conventional Aussie rule in backyard cricket.

While speaking to, Adam Zampa even told that it is quite strange that the officials call it a six when the ball simply goes high in the air, which literally doesn’t make sense according to the spinner. He also suggested that it is important to build the roof a bit higher.

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