Aakash Chopra has an epic reaction after a website claimed his net worth is more than 15,000 crore

Famous cricket commentator Aakash Chopra has made a name for himself with his fantastic analysis of the game. Chopra, a former Indian cricket team batsman and a former Kolkata Knight Riders player, appears on Star Sports as a cricket expert. He also runs his YouTube channel. Many fans love his Hindi commentary.

However, there is another reason why Aakash Chopra is in the news of late. The former Indian cricketer was tagged in a tweet by RJ Raunac. There was a screenshot in that tweet which claimed that the net worth of Aakash Chopra was close to USD 2.1 billion, approximately more than 15,000 crore Indian rupees.

How Aakash Chopra reacted to his unbelievable net worth

Soon, Aakash Chopra noticed it, and he could not believe it. The former Indian cricketer posted four emojis, replying to the screenshot posted by RJ Raunac. The first one was a celebrating emoji, followed by a shocked emoticon, and the last two were of laughing. You can see that screenshot and Aakash Chopra’s reply to it right here:

This conversation began when Aakash Chopra posted a screenshot of how well his YouTube channel performed in the month of August. In the screenshot posted by the famous Indian commentator, one can see that close to 60,000 new subscribers, more than 33 million views and 98.8 million minutes were watched on his YouTube channel in August alone.

A fan asked a question to the famous Indian commentator about his earnings

Soon after Aakash Chopra posted the screenshot of the top Analytics of his YouTube channel, a fan commented: “Earnings b bata dete sir, (You could have shown us earnings also Sir).” Aakash replied to him with a GIF and captioned it as: “We don’t ask a woman her age and a man his income”. The GIF read: “I was hoping you didn’t ask that.”

After seeing Aakash’s reply, RJ Raunac decided to post a screenshot from one of the websites that had Aakash Chopra’s net worth. He replied: “Main bata deta hun sir , tension mat lo (Don’t take tension. I will tell you his earnings.)” The tweet has received more than 300 likes.

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