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A Tweet Proves Why Virat Kohli’s Stint As India’s Test Skipper Was Unparalleled

The loss to South Africa was bitter to India in many ways. To lose a series against a weakened side is a difficult pill to swallow for a strong Test Team. Especially after winning the first Test, it was disappointing that India eventually lost the tournament. Hence, it was expected that the Test squad will undergo a few changes. One that was not expected, though, was Virat Kohli quitting his captaincy. However, on Saturday, Virat quit as India’s Test skipper.

Virat quits as India’s Test skipper

Virat was a gem when it came to captaining the Test Team. When he took over, not many expected him to do well. He was considered to be too aggressive and, hence, a few said it would not help the Test Team.

However, Virat proved that he had a vision, and he was acting in line with it. Under him, India developed a pace attack, that can be called one of the best that the country has ever had. Virat’s team started winning games overseas, something that was a rare occasion in the past. In 68 games, he won 40 matches for India, the highest for any Indian Test skipper. Hence, him quitting captaincy is a big blow for India. The management will now have a tough task to find his replacement.

A Tweet proves why he was a legendary Test captain

Usually, a few leaders falter with the bat after they take over the mantle as the captain of the team. However, barring the recent years, Vir at has hardly faced a lean patch in the game. In fact, his records improved as soon as he became the captain. For India, there was never a better Test captain. In almost every department regarding Test captaincy for India, Virat stands at No.1. A tweet highlighted the same:

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