5 players who have taken most Test wickets after the age of 30

Usually, cricketers hit their peak when they are nearing their thirties. After they turn 30, they will be under pressure to perform with many youngsters coming through. That said, in recent years, we have seen players aged above 30 making their debut. They also did well for their countries. Similarly, many legends were also in good form after going past thirty. On that note, here, we take a look at five players who have taken the most Test wickets after the age of 30.

5) Anil Kumble (India) – 343 wickets

Innings: 129 || Average: 30.98 || Total career wickets: 619

Anil Kumble made his debut at the age of 20. He retired as a 38-year-old in Delhi in 2008. It was as the Indian team’s skipper that he retired.

For almost two decades, India’s spin attack was led by Anil Kumble. He was part of some unforgettable victories for India and in the process, he also earned the distinction of being India’s highest wicket-taker in Tests.

4) Shane Warne (Australia) – 386 wickets

Innings: 142 || Average: 25.36 || Total career wickets: 708

Shane Warne is at No.4 on this list. The greatness of Warne lies in the fact that he got most of his wickets at home, where the conditions are not best suited for a spinner. Despite this, he ranks as one of the greatest spinners that the game has produced.

Warne retired in 2007 as a 38-year-old. He took more than half of his wickets after turning 30. His peak form coincided with Australia’s dominance in world cricket. The legend passed away in 2022, aged 52.

3) Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) – 388 wickets

Innings: 110 || Average: 22.02 || Total career wickets: 800

The highest wicket-taker Muttiah Muralitharan in the game is an obvious presence in this list of players who have taken the most Test wickets after the age of 30. While Muralthiran established himself until 30, he yielded good returns after he turned 30.

It was a 20-year-old that the Sri Lankan made his debut. He played until 38 years of age and was vital in making Sri Lanka one of the powerhouses in world cricket. His record of 800 wickets is something that might remain unbeaten in the near future.

2) Rangana Herath (Sri Lanka) – 398 wickets

Innings: 149 || Average: 27.52 || Total career wickets: 433

Rangana Herath stands at No.2 in this list of players who have taken the most Test wickets after the age of 30. It took almost 10 years after his debut to finally come into his own at the highest level. The main reason for this is that Muttiah Muralitharan was at his peak and Herath did not get a lot of chances.

However, after Muralitharan retired, Herath became the go-to bowler for the Test side. In some games, he single-handedly won games for his team with his brilliant performances. It needs to be noted that Herath took only 35 wickets before turning 30 and he took close to 400 of them after turning 30. He retired at the age of 40.

1) James Anderson (England) – 399 wickets*

Innings: 194 || Average: 23.43 || Total career wickets: 667*

When it comes to James Anderson, it is more about longevity. The other players on this list are spinners who bowled long spells without getting too much tired. However, for pacers, it is always about short effective bursts.

Anderson is 40 now and is all set to play for a few months, at least. He will be in the game for close to two decades and nearly half his wickets, he has taken after turning 30. The Englishman has been effective, especially in native conditions and is the highest wicket-taking pacer right now in Tests.

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