4 Australians who have taken more than 20 five-wicket hauls in Tests

There is a reason why Test cricket is often referred to as the best format in the world. Avid cricket fans truly know the value and importance of the format because it is the only format that tests patience and perseverance.

The mental battle or the mind games keep coming every now between the batsmen and bowlers. The ones who defy the odds by putting up a great fight constantly are destined for greatness.

From a bowler’s perspective, he needs to understand how the wicket typically behaves in the first place. Based on that, he would tweak his line and length accordingly to ruffle the batters’ feathers.

Australian cricket has witnessed talented bowlers in red-ball cricket. Now in this article, let’s take a glimpse at the list of four Australians who have bagged more than 20 fifers in Test cricket.

1. Shane Warne

Shane Warne was widely recognized as one of the greatest bowlers of all time. He has taken 1001 wickets in international cricket (708 wickets in Tests and 293 wickets in ODIs). Notably, he has taken 37 fifers in his Test career.

2. Glenn McGrath

Glenn McGrath who was one of the greatest fast bowlers during the playing days of his cricketing career is second on the list in terms of most fifers taken in Test cricket. He has taken 29 fifers to his name.

3. Dennis Lillee

Dennis Lillee who represented Australia from 1971 to 1984 is third on the list in terms of the most fifers taken in the longest format of the game. Dennis Lillee has accounted for 23 fifers in Test cricket.

4. Nathan Lyon

Nathan Lyon is a regular feature for Australia in red-ball cricket. The experienced campaigner is fourth on the list in terms of most fifers taken in red ball cricket. It is worth mentioning here that he has bagged 21 fifers in the longest format.

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