3 reasons why KL Rahul should be a part of the Indian squad for the 2023 World Cup

India was off to a victorious start in the ongoing ODI series against Australia and it seemed a perfect fit for the hosts who had three heroes with the bat to turn things around, particularly after an excellent display with the ball in their hands. Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami led the charge in the bowling department while a returning Ravindra Jadeja combined well with KL Rahul who showcased his true class under the pump to seal a crucial win for the Indians.

KL Rahul was absolutely phenomenal under the pump and the way he delivered with the willow in his hands was nothing short of wondrous. He dictated the proceedings and called the shots like a boss and eventually after hammering his way through a bunch of the hapless Australian bowlers, he would pair perfectly with Jadeja to help India secure a victory. His knock yesterday was a living proof of why he has not been successful in recent times and how a little change in India’s batting order can do wonders for the hard-hitter. With the ODI World Cup looming large on the horizon, here are three reasons why he should be a part of the Indian team for the quadrennial extravaganza.

#1 A reliable name in the middle order

Despite Suryakumar Yadav showcasing his hard-hitting flair in the most brightest of liveries in the shortest format of the game, he has failed to find his stride in the longer forms of the sport. This is exactly why India needs someone who has been there for a while and knows that middle-order well. Every time KL Rahul has come out to bat at number 4 or 5, he has shown maturity, he has shown composure and most importantly, he has read the game exceptionally well. Considering his experience in the circuit, he should obviously be a big name that will be discussed during the squad meeting for the World Cup.

#2 A wide arsenal of strokes

Ideally, when you come out to bat in the middle-order, the ball is fairly old and the seam that is up for grabs early in the innings starts to nullify. It becomes a lot easier to go forth with your drives and even be a slight more adventurous with the sweeps and scoops coming into the play. More importantly, he is an exceptional player over the fine leg and the square leg regions. Hence, the most valid weapons that the bowlers can usually come out with in the middle overs are the short balls as they tend to hit the deck hard. Given his towering height, he can get under the ball very quickly and pull or hook those deliveries, using the shorties to his advantage.

#3 KL Rahul has a knack for performing under the pump

Despite the frayed times that he has had with the willow of late, his antiquity shows that you throw him at the deep end and he will somehow swim his way across, heading to the shore. This is because he has experience, this is because he has the eye for shots and most importantly, his trial by fire has already happened. Of late, he may not have struck the perfect chord that is expected from him but once again the man cannot be ignored particularly when India is going to an ICC event and that too with a trophy drought of a decade now.

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